About the Artist

Moon Horse small
Paintings inspired by nature, the magic of myths, dreams and symbols, and the mystery of Britain’s ancient past
Living on the ancient Icknield Way beneath Galley Hill in Bedfordshire, I find the Chiltern landscape, its ancient history and its wildlife a constant source of inspiration. Combined with a lifelong interest in Britain’s mythic past and the power of symbols to open doorways to mystery and wonder, I layer my paintings with different levels of meaning for the viewer to discover. I passionately believe that it takes two to create a painting - the artist who offers it and the response of each person who looks at it. Every painting then becomes something new for each individual, the start of their own unique journey with it.

I use a combination of watercolour and gouache to create glowing and detailed paintings, often based on harmonious shapes and patterns. I love colour, the intricacies of Celtic design and the work of Indian and Persian miniaturists. No matter how loosely I try to paint I always end up fiddling away at parts of it with a very small brush! Most of my paintings are framed by a border of words which add another layer of meaning. These are fragments of poems I’ve written which have been inspired by the painting and I love being able to combine my love of poetry with my art.

I produce my own fine art limited edition prints of my work so that I can ensure that they are as faithful to the originals as possible.